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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The importance of Fall Events

Fall Test Prep Marketing Strategy I:   Events!

The Fall is an excellent time for test prep & tutoring.   Schools are back in session and both college and graduate school admissions are in high gear.   For most companies, this is an excellent time for enrollments and revenue generation.  For folks with an eye towards the future, this is also an excellent opportunity to build important connections with future clients.  This relationship building can be accelerated through a well planned event strategy. 

Simply put.  Fall is an ideal time to fill one's lead funnel by creating brand awareness.   Brand awareness and a healthy lead funnel allow one to plan and execute upon mid and longer term business strategy.  Events allow for both.   Moreover, if one is able to calculate a conversion factor (the % of leads that eventually purchase) for said leads, one may be able to accurately forecast future business.  The more predictable things are in the future, the better it is for planning and resource allocation.  

To achieve all of these great things,  try to plan complementary events.   Normal events include:  Free Practice Tests, College Admissions Talks, Graduate School Admissions Talks, or some sort of SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE/LSAT /MCAT  Information Workshop.  

The events themselves should be 45 minutes to and hour in length and should be designed to create value for the participants.  After all, these participants are giving up their time to attend.    If you need help figuring  out what to use when, click the link at the end of this article and we'll guide you.

When it comes to Event Outcomes one should look to:  1) capture the prospect (or lead) information and 2) represent one's brand in a positive way.   Also, avoid the misconception that events should  immediately generate sales.  While this is certainly an excellent and desirable outcome, the true goal is to expand the client base. To learn more about this perspective check out this link  on the  long tail approach to marketing. 

Events provide an opportunity for prospective clients to get to know your values as well as your services while also affording one the opportunity to build brand credibility.  In short, it is the beginning of a relationship which may span weeks, months, or even years if it is well managed (and if your product suite allows for it).  

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  1. Very nice information! I am so pleased to find these details here. For my LSAT Prep I have just started collecting previous questions and I will prepare using them only as I will get to know the actual pattern which will make it easy to crack the test.